Marc began producing experimental work early in his career as a founding partner in AnArch, a, collaborative architecture and public art studio. During this time Marc collaborated with well-known public artists including Richard Posner and Cliff Garten. Throughout his architectural carreer, Marc has worked on a diverse range of commercial, institutional and residential projects with several firms and as a founding partner. More recently, Marc's experience lies in diverse types of prefabricated construction - from modular to shipping containers to precast concrete.


- University of Minnesota, Architecture - 1986

Work Experience:
- Hive Built - partner (2010-present)
- Hive Modular - partner (2004-present)
- M.A. Architecture - founder (2004-present)
- Warner + Asmus Architects/Weehouse - co-founder (2004)
- Yunker/Asmus Architecture - founding partner (1992-2004)
- AnArch - founding partner
- MS&R (1988-1992)


MN AIA Honor Award
   Pillsbury Conservatory
   (while at MS&R)

MN AIA Honor Award
   General Mills Employee Recognition Court
   (while at MS&R)

MN AIA Honor Award, 1992
   Cowles Farmhouse
   (while at MS&R)

MN AIA Honor Award, 1997
   Woodhill Country Club Poolhouse
Minnesota Brick Institute Award, 1996
   Woodhill Country Club Poolhouse
MN AIA Honor Award, 2001
   YA office building
   (while at YA Architecture)

MN AIA Honor Award, 2005
   Windsong Farms Golf Club
   (while at YA Architecture)


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