Rating Systems

3rd-Party rating systems can be used to verify the energy-efficiency and sustainability of your home...

  • LEED Certification is the most well-known rating for architectural projects. We have a LEED accredited designer here at Hive who can work with you to get your project certified.

  • Energy Star is most well known for their appliance ratings, however they also rate the energy-efficiency of buildings, aiming for a minimum of 15% more efficient than mandated by IRC 2004.

  • MN Green Star is a local certification group that rates new and remodeled home projects within Minnesota. Hive Modular's B-Line Small 002 in Minneapolis, MN was given MN Green Star certification in 2008.

  • R-2000 is a voluntary standard administered by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). Hive Modular's B-Line Medium 004 in Yellowknife, NT was given R-2000 status in 2009.